What Is SMTP And How Does It Work

SMTP stands for Small Mail Transfer Protocol which is an internet standard for email transmission or electronic mail transmission. First, this particular protocol is defined by RFC 821 in the year 1982 and it was updated by RFC 5321 in the year 2008 with some additions. After this update only, this protocol is widely used by the several numbers of people around the world and through online tech blogs you can get more information about this topic.

Why using SMTP?

Even though email servers and some other mail transfer agenting platforms are using this SMTP protocol to send and also receive the mail messages, the client mail applications at the user level typically use the SMTP only to send the messages to the mail server especially for relaying. In order to receive the email messages, the client applications are usually using either POP3 or IMAP. When there is a SMTP communication between two or more mail servers, they are using the TCP port 25 protocol. When it comes to the mail clients, they often submit the outgoing electronic mails to the mail server on the port 465 or 587.

Although the proprietary mail systems such as IBM Notes & Microsoft Exchange and webmail systems such as Yahoo mail, Gmail and Outlook are using their very own non-standard protocols in order to access the account’s mail box on their own mail servers, all are using this SMTP protocol when receiving or sending electronic mail from outside their own systems. As email is emerging as the most valuable service on the web platform and the several numbers of internet systems are using this SMTP protocol, it has become too famous and highly demandable method for transferring the mail from one user to another. This specific email protocol generally used to send the mail through (POP) or IMAP are probably used to get back those mails at the end user or receiver side.

SMTP protocol model:

  • SMTP is actually a protocol on the application layer and the SMTP server is forever on the listening mode.
  • SMTP server will establish the TCP connection to send the mail across the recurrent connection instantly.
  • When considering the SMTP model, it is of two types such as,
  • End to end method
  • Store and forward method

If you are considering the end to end method in SMTP protocol, it is generally used to communicate between the various organizations whereas the store and forward method is used within a particular organization. If you are considering the SMTP client who wants to send an email, it will then contact the host of the SMTP destination directly for sending the email. The regarding server will carry on this mail to itself until it is effectively mock to the SMTP receiver. The user deals in such models with the user agent (UA) such as Mozilla, Netscape and Microsoft Outlook. For making the exchange of the mails, MTA and TCP are used in general.

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